Program Philosophy

Wisely Child Care is a Structured Play-Based Program inspired by Reggio Emilia. Wisely Child Care believes play is a child’s most important job! Children at their young ages learn through hand on exploration because that is one of the primary ways of them making sense of the world around them. Children learn best when they enjoy what they are learning therefore learning should be fun!

Wisely Child Care provides English and Chinese teaching materials so children at school will use a mix of English and Chinese to communicate. At Wisely Child Care, we offer a safe and structured environment for children to explore at their own pace without judgement. Teachers are here to scaffold and help expand their interests. We believe children are unique and  every child is an individual, with special social, emotional, intellectual, and physical qualities that they do not learn the same way. They are capable of making decisions themselves. Teachers respect children and are here to model and provide positive guidance to help children make healthy and safe choices.

We believe children are explorer of the world so they might get their clothes dirty at the end of the day, get bruises or scratches during their hands on exploration. We hope parents can allow children to risk-taking under supervision. We are committed to maintain a safe environment to be part of your children’s grow and thrive journey. We value diversity and we welcome all children regardless of race, gender, religion or disability.

LIC# 384004096

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