2019 Proposed Menu

Wednesday(10/30) AM: Cheerio, golden kiwi and milk; LN: Spaghetti, ham, green leaf vegetable, egg, honey tangerine and milk;PM: Apple sauce, cherrio and water

Tuesday(10/29) AM: Golden kiwi, milk, string cheese and cheerio; LN: Green bean with beef and rice, honey tangerine, and milk; PM: Applesauce, cracker, dried cranberry and water

Thursday(08/15)- AM snack: Strawberry, bun and milk; Lunch: Steam broccoli, mac and cheese, kiwi and milk

Friday(08/16)-AM snack: Boiled egg, apple and milk; Lunch: Boiled potato, apple, seaweed wrap with rice and sausage, and milk; PM snack: Baby carrot, crackers and water

Monday(08/19)- AM snack: Cheerio, orange and milk; Lunch: Steam corn, chicken, rice and milk; PM snack: kiwi, yogurt and water

Tuesday(8/20)- AM snack: Bun, apple, and milk; Lunch: Turkey and cheese quesadilla, steam vegetables, kiwi and milk; PM snack: Dried cranberry, crackers and water

Wednesday(8/21)- AM snack: Scramble egg, banana and milk; Lunch: Noodle with tomato sauce, pea, apple and milk; PM snack: Wow butter, baby carrot and water

Thursday(8/22)- AM snack: Cheerio, orange and milk; Lunch: Beef with green bean, rice, and milk; PM snack: Dried cranberries, crackers and water

Friday(8/23)- AM snack: waffle, boiled egg and milk; Lunch: Banana, vegetable rice porridge and milk; PM snack: Wow butter, carrot and water

Tuesday(8/27)-Breakfast: Steam potato, banana and milk; Lunch: Turkey and cheese quesadilla, steamed vegetables, apple and milk; Snack: Dried Cranberry, crackers and water

Thursday(8/29)- Breakfast: Cheerio, yogurt, orange and milk; Lunch: Scrambled egg premixed with diced carrots, sausage, apple and milk; Snack: Bun, cranberry and water

Tuesday(9/3)- Breakfast: Yogurt, apple, tortilla and milk; Lunch: Sushi(Seaweed, rice, ham and egg), steam corn, orange and milk; Snack: cracker, yogurt and water

Thursday(9/5)-Breakfast: Boiled egg, banana, yogurt and milk ; Lunch: Chicken, rice, steamed vegetables, banana and milk; Snack: noodles with tomato sauce, water

Tuesday (9/10)-Breakfast: Cheerio, peach and milk; Lunch: Quesadilla, grape, steam corn and milk; Snack: Edamame, cheerio, water

Thursday( 9/12)-Breakfast: Rice porridge(choy sum,a bit of salt), orange, milk; Lunch: Quesadilla, green bean, orange and milk; Snack: noodle with tomato sauce, yogurt, orange,water

Tuesday( 9/17)- AM Snack: Milk, cheerio, strawberry; Lunch: Milk, quesadilla, corn, peach; PM snack: String cheese, peach, cracker, water

Thursday(9/19)-AM Snack: Milk, strawberry, bun; Lunch: Milk, quesadilla with turkey, edamame, peach; PM snack: apple sauce, tortilla, water

Tuesday (9/24)-AM: Milk, orange, cheerio; Lunch: Quesadilla with turkey breast, edamame, peach; PM: apple sauce, dried cranberry, string cheese, water

Thursday( 9/26)-AM: Noodle with tomato sauce, milk and peach; Lunch: Mac and cheese, milk, banana, steamed vegetables; PM: cracker, water, string cheese, banana

Tuesday( 10/1) AM: Orri mandairn, cheerio and milk; Lunch: Screw pasta with ham and tomato sauce, steamed vegetables and milk; PM: peach, dried cranberry, crackers and water

Thursday (10/3) AM: String cheese, peach, milk; Lunch: Orri mandarin, Scrambled egg with turkey and bell pepper(tortilla wrap) and milk; PM: String cheese, cracker, orange and water

Monday (10/7) AM snack: Milk, Bun and orange; Lunch: Scrambled egg with sausage, corn, toast, peach and milk; PM snack: String cheese, apple sauce, cracker and water

Thursday (10/10) AM snack: Cherrio, apple and milk; Lunch: Shrimp wonton soup with mixed vegetable and screw pasta, apple and milk; PM: Apple sauce, tortilla, dried cranberry and water

Wednesday( 10/16) AM snack: Quesadilla, banana and milk; Lunch: Mac and cheese, ham, corn and apple; PM: apple sauce, cracker, dried cranberry and water

Friday( 10/18) AM: Cherrio, apple, string cheese and milk; Lunch: chicken, rice, edamame, banana and milk; PM: Apple sauce, tortilla, banana and water

Tuesday( 10/22) AM: Boiled egg, corn and milk; Lunch: Chicken pasta soup with green bean, orri mandarin and milk; PM: String cheese, apple sauce, cracker and water

Thursday(10/24) AM: Bun, orange and milk; Lunch: Scramble egg with sausage in tortilla wrap, edamame, grape and milk; PM: Apple sauce, string cheese, cracker and water

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